Custom Linear Layout in Android

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Sometimes it becomes necessary to create a Custom Component and use that for creating UX of android application.


Real culprit is findViewById() call that is very heavy call and sometimes when you start profiling your android application using HierarchyViewer you come to know you layout is taking much time to render on screen.

Now as UI expectations get increases with application development , developer tends to make mistake of making a complex layout, resulting in complex view hierarchy. This complex view hierarchy takes time to render on screen.

Solution : Create custom components for the views.

We will be start with taking an example for customising LinearLayout.

public class CustomLinearLayout extends LinearLayout {

    public CustomLinearLayout(Context context, AttributeSet attrs) {
        super(context, attrs);


    public CustomLinearLayout(Context context) {

you can use above custom component as regular UX component in you UI XML file. But what is its use.

there are many use of it suppose you are having a layout which expands or contracts dynamically depending upon the height of its children. you can use a custom linear layout and override onMeasure() method of it and definitely you can dynamically set height of custom linear layout on the basis of height of its children.

There can be several uses of Custom components in android.


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