Expanding feature set of your Android App using Firebase

Dear Friends With this post we are going to start our new series of blog post for Integrating Firebase with our android App. But...
2 min read

Day 4 : Modifying UX Elements with Android Shape…

Dear Friends A stunning UX is made up of clever use of UX elements in Android and with images , drawables  , screen transition...
31 sec read

Using Tab Strip in Android For Material Design

Target As in Life so in Android Programming , once it is clear to us what is our target , its easier to achieve...
8 min read

Asynctask : Delegate tasks and keep UI thread free

Dear reader In life there are two ways to achieve our objective either we work hard and we reap the benefits or someone else...
1 min read

Targeting Multiple Densities in Android

One of the main reasons of Android OS popularity is its ablity to run and support a wide array of device (Mobiles, Tablets, Wearables,...
42 sec read