EASY Serverless backend for mobile and desktop apps

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Imagine you are going for a new job in another city. Now if you want to reside in that city, will you make a decision to buy a house there, or defer this decision to a later date and you plan to rent a home or PG in that city. The decision to rent home or PG is judicious at that point in time. Ponder on this situation before reading further, since this is the topic of our discussion in this blog on EASY Serverless backend for mobile apps.


Let’s not kill the fun.

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Realife relation

Big businesses around the world are banking on this need of mankind. For eg, Uber, OLA helps you to rent a cab for your short or long journey. Airbnb, Housing.com and many more help you to rent accommodation. These businesses determined a human need and today they are performing pretty well. Right?

So in a way, a serverless approach conceptually pertains to human thinking, for real-life.


We are starting a series of articles on Serverless technology and terms involved. For simplicity, we will be keeping our discussions around Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud providers and web services it provides.

Since we have a diehard team of MADs (Mobile application devs), so we will be adding more coding stuff related to Mobiles application in java.

In addition to this, we will be adding links to smaller tutorials on Serverless stuff using Node.js or Python, written by our diehard MADs.

Stay Tuned.

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