Powerful Tool : Java Extensions : Part 2

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In continuation to Part 1 (Java Extensions)

Let us have a java class that does a very cool thing does some sort of animation at the mobile app UI Layer.

Now, This animation class is our copyrighted intellectual property. we want to share this animation class to other Java developers , but still we want other java developers not to modify existing code of this class.

So we decided to deliver java class as an extension , that can be loaded by run time environment as per the client app requirement.

Now this client app adds this extension (.jar) file as library file to the class path so as to make use of class(s) inside extension(.jar).

So by doing this we were able to share our functionality in turn it can be leveraged by client mobile app to its advantage and yet we protected our code from getting modified.

How to implement a java extension is not the target of this blog.
More details can be read at Java Extension

So how this is pertaining to job satisfaction to my dear friend ?

This is open ended question there is no particular need of the human mind. This is simple thing I need to tell to my friend.

” My dear friend , you are really doing a very good job (However you are doing the good job unknowingly). You are creating java extensions as Java libraries and sharing it to other mobile app developers so that they can leverage functionality for your java classes in the app and in addition to this you are keeping a your promise by keeping functionality uniform across different mobile applications. You have been doing a very important task and your work has contributed to Developer community. ”

Hope my friends out there will read this one day.

Note : Dear Copy-Paste Community :).
Hope you are doing good.
If you are a software engineer study the material before copy pasting.

Else knowledge gets increased when it is shared.

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