Powerful Tool : Java Extensions : Part 1

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Starting a Software Engineering career is very easy :). But the career road becomes bumpy as you travel.

Few days back one of my friend came to me and said

” I don’t know what to do at this stage of career. I started with developing software applications for mobiles since these devices are very hot these days. Falling prey to my eagerness to know more and more and storing lots of corporate gyan directed me to go ahead and take this job where you were really making paradigm shift to the life of millions people across the world by changing existing Java Framework in Mobile Devices. And that’s how landed up to this job. “.

After hearing above statement from my friend , I tried my best of gyan to understand what he said and after having a brainstorming session with me and Myself we concluded its the job dissatisfaction that lead my friend to give such a statement.

Since eagerness to know is the thing that flows inside my Blood just like any other software engineer , so I tried to find out cause of this type of situation. .

Now enough of lengthy prologue. lets get to the point.

Java Developers across the world have provided a time tested proven technique to develop a software so as to tackle measure problem arising in long run because of writing unstructured code. So here comes the terminology that is uniform across all the technical Languages for Computer System. We call them Design Patterns.

When I first encountered design Pattern , it said your java classes should be closed for modification but open for extension.

So when I studied , learnt about Java Extension , I started understanding the meaning java classes should be closed for modification but open for extension.

Moreover I also got the meaning of connecting the dots when you are looking backward in life .. a famous statement by Late Mr Steve Jobs.

So technically how this Java Extension work we will be covering in Part 2.

Note : Dear Copy-Paste Community :).
Hope you are doing good.
If you are a software engineer study the material before copy pasting.

Else knowledge gets increased when it is shared.

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