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Good Health and Wellness are synonymous to ‘Happy life’. It comprises in its ambit both the physical attributes as well as the mental attributes to the health. Healthy body carries healthy mind and of course, with no second thought, healthy mind leads a soul to supreme happiness and contentment. Hence, having a healthy body is pre-requisite not only to, attain the physical comforts of life but also, to ensure the realization of the ‘real-within.”


Good health & image building

Good health and wellness plays a decisive role in the overall image building of a person. Such image building may lead to change in an outward appearance of a person that how he appears to the outside world. But, at more subtle levels, image building, leads to a change where whole of the inner core of a person observes a transformation resulting positive changes in the temperament, attitude and persona of a person.


Outward image building – a desperate need

Outward image building is undeniably pertinent to attain some inevitably good things in the life may be in the form of some tangibles, more money, saving in money, career growth, perceived good associations of people, accumulation of wealth and few intangibles like the joy, pleasure fun in the life, company of a people we like. The following further explains this,


  1. The big chunk of wealth, saved over years get vanished by the huge medical bills in a split of seconds when any health issue emerges. A person takes lot of time in recovering less because of ailment more because of economic crunch.
  2. Your look matters very much in your professional life. How you communicate is very important while delivering and communication. People look, listen and observe when you express something. Hence there must be an effective communication.
  3. Penny saved is penny earned.Saving money should be habit which is to be inculcated and practised to make it a character. In the bad times saved money is good companion.
  4. Good people in your professional circle and networks or in your social surroundings ensures professional and social growth and raises feeling of economic and social security


Regular physical exercises, daily workouts, balanced and nutritious diet, learning soft skills for better conversation and communication, occasional dressing techniques, body language could be methodologies to accomplish an objective of attaining an outward image development. Image building is a continuous process it should not stop it should remain in continuity till the life remains, for it is only the human body i.e. the outward image, which vehicles and habitats the soul. Through this body or the sense organs soul realizes the different tastes of the world.



Inward image building – in pursuit of goal of life

On the other hand, it is equally imperative for a person to be sensitize himself for building an intrinsically internal image, which has no second option, to realize the eternal Happiness which will, for sure, be everlasting and not fragile. Meditation, yoga, internal healing methods, are diverse and known ways for the internal image building. Since the walk in this road leads to the realization of the “real-within’’, what so ever methodology one may adopt, the person has to raise his or her conscientious and sensational levels in pursuit of practices these methods or any combination thereof. This would enable a person, to establish a link between self which resides in him and the self which is supreme and omnipresent. This linking is nothing but a process of seamless integration of soul with a supreme soul. He or she must open an eye of introspection which incline him to contemplate” about the right and wrong before or after ‘doing the deeds’’ of the day. Indeed, it is not as easy as pie in this materialistic world, but then the remarkable words  of a saint are more than enough to boost up a downed moral  that “The road to the goodest is roughest  and toughest”. It’s courageous to make a road by walking on it.

Now no more talks, just move ahead to frame a routine which takes due attention of following the methods on daily basis to have a good health. Refer

  1. Physical exercises, walking, jogging etc. whichever suits considering the ability and requirement of the body. Since healthy body is a prerequisite to have a healthy mind.
  2. Yoga, meditation internal healing for regulating the mind and observing calmness and realizing the positive energy under a proper guidance and coach for internal image building
  3. Early rising in the morning and avoiding late going to bed, since early rising makes man healthy, wealthy and wise.
  4. Routine medical check-ups for family and self, for health is wealth and prevention is better than cure.
  5. Consciousness for having a hygienic environment.
  6. Balanced and nutritious diet which includes adequate intake of water and roughage.  
  7. Raising an internal restraint against smoking or taking alcohol.
  8. Avoid conflicts with the people associated.
  9. Take a nap after lunch in afternoon if situation and location and condition of work allows and then get back to the work.


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