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Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

For nailing something on wall requires  a know-how , how to hit the hammer , but its more important to know where to hit the...
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Sharing / uploading image to server

Dear Reader Few days back me and my students were working on an application in which we had a requirement to share an image...
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Complementary Post : Making HTTP Request in Android

URL url = new URL(urlToHit); HttpURLConnection connection = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection(); connection.setRequestMethod("GET");   if we look above code snippet we will find class is...
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Day 7 : Making A Get Request in Android

Dear Friends     Lets play with Networking in Android. Important rule : Every network transaction  should only be done on a worker thread. ...
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Day 6 : Delegating some work to other thread.

  Dear Friends Today we gonna start a very important concept in android applications (as if others were not important).  A good android programmer...
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Day 5 : Playing with Activities in Android and Passing Data between Them

Dear Friends First of all Thanks for providing me this opportunity to teach you. Today we gonna play with different two of more different...
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Day 4 : Modifying UX Elements with Android Shape drawable

Dear Friends A stunning UX is made up of clever use of UX elements in Android and with images , drawables  , screen transition...
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