Upload application to Google Play store Overview (Part 1)

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Dear friends

Its very easy. Trust me.  You just have to cautious and honest. Rest Play store team is working day and night to provide you robust but easy UX to put your app to Google Play store.

For accessing Google Play store publish page you need to have a google account. So for the first time if you visit the url

Either it will ask you to signup for a google or sign in to google account. If you are already logged it it will present you a screen similar to below screen.

Screenshot from 2016-05-08 08:49:59



So you need to make a payment of 25 USD to google either via your credit card or debit card .

Then you need wait and work as instructed by google.

Now since you have got a welcome mail confirming google account as Google developer account so now you can upload apps to Google Play store.

So what happens when account is approved by google as publisher account.

On visting url with a approved account you will see below reference screen . I have kept the screen shot blur so private details for user are not visible.

So you see


Screenshot from 2017-04-15 13:46:38

So you see a button at right side top from there you create a new application.

  1. You will upload release apk.
  2. You will upload prepare store listing ( app description, app link, app screenshots etc)
  3. You will declare in which countries the app would be available and whether it is free or paid.

You need to provide a content rating. before uploading app.

In our my next tutorial I will tell what is needed to prepare apk for uploading to app store and other stuff required for uploading.

Below is a video tutorial to generate signed apk that is required for uploading to play store.






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