Playing with Android Design Library Components

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This is Part 1 of our tutorials and we gonna start with a custom List Fragment.

Its very easy to add a custom list fragment using android studio. Remember when we start developing our code as a beginner in software programming learn by use of assisting tools. Gradually you will learn skill in greater details.

Suppose you want to create a list fragment showing list of items. So in android studio .. just right click the folder inside src folder and choose New.
there you will gets lots of option .. choose fragment out of them.

in side fragment option choose list fragment.

after that it will ask about configuring list with no of columns .. you can choose 1.

and then keep other options to their default value and proceed.

Rest android studio will do for you. This is a very fast process will help beginners so that they can focus on app they are developing.

Code example : link

Growing RSS Code example : link