Interaction with You Tube with Android

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Interaction with You Tube comprises
Getting Video Feeds for particular user and showing them.
Uploading Video to You Tube for a User
Sharing Video links to twitter or other social networking sites
Get information pertaining to particular youtube video
and many more tasks that fall under the horizons of one’s imagination and innovation.
Doing it via Java its trickier and even more tricker when you have decided to do it via Android. Client Libraries available here are of great help in case of Android. These libraries are modified as per the requirement of android SDK so use them.

And Study the link Carefully. Its worth repeating …… Study the link carefully to integrate the api in android.

One common mistake developer do that they just add the jars to build path and wonder why there this project fails with NoClassDefFoundError.

WARNING: the jars MUST be placed in a directory named “libs” for the APK packager to find them. Otherwise, you will get a NoClassDefFoundError at runtime.