Day 4 : Modifying UX Elements with Android Shape drawable

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Dear Friends

A stunning UX is made up of clever use of UX elements in Android and with images , drawables  , screen transition and animation. 

Creating UX of our application via only images (jpg or png) graphics increases size of application a lot. 

A Thumb rule of developer 

More size = More problems (Both users and developers) 

So here in this tutorial we gonna create a simple login screens using Shape Drawables. For Shape Drawable please visit my another blog post. 

One major advantage of Shape Drawables is  that they are very flexible. When device orientation changes shape drawable resize themselves automatically so you dont have to provide different background images for landscape and portrait mode. Consequently shape drawables reduces size of application.

There are other clever technique through which size of final .apk can be reduced but these techniques are out of scope .

Thanks for reading patiently.