Creating a simple Project in Android

40 sec read

Dear friends

So now you have your android studio installed.

Kindly refer to a 10 minutes video tutorial [Suggestion: Spare 10 minutes for your learning]

or if you don’t want you can follow below steps.

So we just used android studio wizard to create android project for us. Please follow android studio step by step. Its very easy.

Now once project is created lets run it directly to the connected device just play with it make some changes and rerun it.

You can see the build time for app is not ok. Its taking time to put or install application in device.

To improve on build time please visit file called and if your pc supports more than one processor , take advantage of parallel processing.



and now you will see your app installed fast.

Remember for a small project like this you won’t notice a considerable saving. But for a large project the savings are considerable.

For e.g. : 10 minutes build time might reduce to 2-3 minutes.

And last but not the least here is the source code for the project. source code