Caching JSON Data With LRUCache

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Today we gonna learn how to increase Average revenue per user (ARPU) by decreasing GPRS data connection usage by a mobile application.

Kudos to your intelligence in determining that data caching is the way that save app user from loading data from server again n again.

Considering the diagram below that gives an overview of whole process.


Algorithm :
A fancy term for unambiguous steps.

1. At first a network request is made and desired data is fetched from server. 
2. Data fetched from network , it is parsed by our state of art JSON parser and the result is then saved to a Object.
3. Object is then added to arraylist.
4. ArrayList is added to the cache (LRUcache in Android) as key value pair entry . 
5. Now next time whenever HTTP request for data is to be made first LRU cache is searched. if there is a data , UI Shows it from there. if no data, again Step 1 is done.

Simple right! I knew it.

Algorithm steps are quite generic , concrete implementations for android platform or ios platform may differ.

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